oh snap!

For some reason, I’ve started saying “Oh snap!” a lot. Why? No idea. It’s a little embarrassing because: 1. I can’t pull off the attitude that it demands, 2. It’s a really old expression, and 3. Usually I utter it when it doesn’t fit the situation. My misuse of “oh snap!” seems to be a glaring reminder that I’m getting old(er).

Today, as I was searching through my messy computer files, I found an image of a flow chart from 2006 that offers some helpful advice on how/when to use “oh snap!”. I thought it would be fitting to post it here:


As a sidenote, this image was originally posted on Flickr. This seem important to note on the day (December 18, 2012), when everyone is freaking out about Facebook’s new changes to Instagram.

Addendum: After posting this image a few hours ago, I became curious about the origins of “oh snap!” I found this post. My favorite use of the phrase is in Biz Markie’s “Just a Friend” video from 1989 (click here for the verse in which Markie utters the phrase. Did you know that you can create/share links for your desired spot in a video on YouTube? Pretty cool):