Troubling Pinterest?

A couple of weeks ago, I decided to join and experiment with Pinterest which, according to Mashable, is the “hot new social network.” I haven’t had too much time to spend on it, but so far I have mixed feelings. STA and I discuss how we’re–the “we” is much more him than me–“not pinterested” in Episode 3 of our podcast, The Undisciplined Room.¬†While it has potential as a space for creative inspiration (I think my mom would have loved it for her art/craft projects), it is also a space for sucking up lots of time and for marketing¬†products and lifestyles. Yikes! Thankfully, I also imagine it as a space where I might make some trouble and create some boards that inspire my creative and critical writing projects and troublemaking experiments. The first board that I’m in the process of creating is: Troublemaking Role Models.