Transmedia, New Media or What?

Lately, I’ve been doing some thinking and researching about the next step for my Unofficial Student Transcripts project. While phase one was an iBook, I’m imagining phase two as something more creative and accessible and that draws upon my increased interest in online/interactive media.

I want to create a new media project that allows me to engage in my storytelling/account-giving across media: video footage, digital stories, written text (prose + poetry/ blog posts + journal entries/ new + archival material), interactive online games (for wordpress and/or iPad?), sound clips, images + text (problematizers) and more.

So far, the following sources are informing my project:

ADVICE 5 Tips for Transmedia Storytelling
THEORY Transmedia 202: Further Reflections
EXAMPLES The Waiting Room, Pine Point, Flawed, (Re)Framing Mexico