In case you didn’t check your twitter feed, it snowed in Minneapolis this weekend

Tons of people documented the first “real” snow of 2012 in Minneapolis/St. Paul this weekend. I did too. I can’t remember how I decided to experiment with video and haiku in order to do my documenting. Maybe it was because my 9 year old was writing haikus in class last month? Maybe it was because I like the pithy form of haikus and was looking for a way to express and share my thoughts in my digital moment without offering up a long-winded voice-over? Whatever the reason, I decided to document the warm-up snow on Friday, the calm-before-the-storm on Saturday, and the first big snow (10 inches) on Sunday using my iMovie app and my limited haiku ability. Here they are:

snow falling as dusk
i wonder, will we see grass
again before spring?

i wouldn’t have thought
i would enjoy winter runs
but i really do

the snow really came
it’s a christmas miracle:
the forecast was right