BESIDE: It’s alright to cry

Just a few minutes ago, I watched President Obama’s speech to his workers/supporters at his campaign headquarters in Chicago. Beautiful. There was much in his remarks that made me pause, reflect and be proud of what we did on November 6, 2012: his valuing of social justice, his recognition that he is a self-in-community and not an autonomous I, his articulation of hope. But what really struck me this morning was his willingness to cry and to share that crying with others (both at the headquarters and via social media). Instead of being an embarrassment, treated as evidence of his weakness, this video of him crying is being celebrated and shared by his official website. Accompanying the video is the following text:

What a powerful message to send to boys (and to all kids and grown-ups)! I’m reminded of another video in which an African American man suggests that it’s alright to cry: Rosey Grier’s rendition of “It’s Alright to Cry” from Free to be…you and me.