home tour

All this week, inspired by my upcoming 8 year anniversary of living in my house in south Minneapolis,  I’ve been writing/thinking about home. Today, in honor of the anniversary (we moved in to our house on September 22, 2004), I created another Vimeo project: HOME TOUR. While I’m not totally done with the digital story, I wanted to go ahead and post the “in progress version” today. This digital story brings together the video footage from two home tours, one led by my mom from 1989, and one led by my dad from 2000. I’m really excited to keep working on these; it’s fascinating to put their two different accounts beside each other.

I hope to have lots more to say about this digital story (the process of working on it and putting my parents tours beside each other + how it does/doesn’t resonate with my understandings of home) in the near future.