This Will Have Been: Art, Love and Politics in the 1980s is currently at the Walker Art Museum here in Minneapolis. I’m really excited to see it. My sister saw it in Chicago and said it was great. She recommended that I pay particular attention to two artists: Jenny Holzer and Barbara Kruger. While Kruger’s name didn’t sound familiar, I am familiar with Holzer. I briefly wrote about her awesome twitter account, JennyHolzerMom, a few months ago. In that post, I lamented the fact that Holzer didn’t seem to be tweeting anymore. I checked it just now, and she does have a few more, like this one:

and this one:


After doing a quick google search for Kruger, I realized that I had seen her work before–I think on a book cover? I like how she combines images with text, especially in this image to the left. I want to do so more research on her; I just requested a book from 2010 about her from the Minneapolis Public Library.


UPDATE: I decided to experiment with Pixelmator and create a response image to put beside Kruger’s “no” image. Here’s mine (which I put together really quickly—through the process of doing it, I learned a few new techniques):