3 thoughts on “Oh bother!: Wisconsin State Journal”

  1. Seriously?! Their team is named the “bridesmaids”???? Oh dear. I thought it was bad that so many of the high school teams I grew up with were the “Lady” versions of the mascots – like the “Lady Knights” or the “Lady Monarchs” but this takes it to a whole other level!!!

  2. Thanks for the link. Actually, the team isn’t called the bridesmaids; they are the Cardinals. The bridesmaids headline refers to “always a bridesmaid, never a bride.”

    Check out what else I wrote about this headline for my class:
    This example made me curious about whether or not men’s basketball teams are ever referred to as “bridesmaids.” After a very quick search, I found this: Kansas men’s basketball team ranks high on the “bridesmaid” list. Why the metaphor of the bridesmaid? Is it sometimes used to mock male athletes with femininity? (I also randomly found this: Brides and Basketball)

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