Oh bother, part 16: a wife saver?

Yum. Can I get some butter to go with my heternormative spaghetti please? (This image was pointed out to me by STA.)

3 thoughts on “Oh bother, part 16: a wife saver?”

  1. I dislike the floor mat – is that what that thing is? I love the “Can I get some butter to go with my heteronormative spaghetti please?” line though! F* heteronormativity and stupid “play” on words “life saver” ugggh… you mean “wife-who-is-thankful-she-doesn’t-have-to-be-in-the-kitchen-tonight saver”

  2. Nice. This isn’t a floor mat; it’s the giant sign on the side of the building! So, here’s something interesting: wordpress tagged this comment as spam (while approving all of your other comments right away). Is it because of your f*? I often wonder about the politics of comment moderation…

  3. Why does it look like a fuzzy floor mat? Is it a floor mat that they stapled to the side of the building? I can’t believe wpress tried to censor me! I already censored myself!

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