blog mash-up #2, part 1: Foucault, Butler and Virtue

My first attempt at a blog mash-up was not successful. I have spent the past 10 (or more) days trying to put my entries together in a way that would generate an academic journal-worthy article. Trying is the key word. Trying and failing. But, maybe failing here isn’t so bad. I think that that mash-up (in which I combine Horton, We Care and feminist ethics of care) shouldn’t be the first one I write. Instead, I need to finish up the article I started on Judith Butler, troublemaking, virtue and Foucault. Here are the entries that I will use in this mash-up:

So, in my first entry about my blog mash-up project, I asked if anyone had any good mash-ups for me. No response. While I still haven’t found any mash-ups that I really like, I did find this very disturbing one:

That’s right. You’ve just been rickrolled. And, okay, this video isn’t really a mash-up (or is it?). No worries. My project of combining these different entries isn’t really a mash-up either. Maybe I need to call it something else…

2 thoughts on “blog mash-up #2, part 1: Foucault, Butler and Virtue”

  1. Hi–I’ve enjoyed reading this blog for a while (the Butler posts have been great) and I’m now going to shamelessly delurk by linking to a mashup of my own that I posted on my friend’s and my blog just yesterday. It’s not totally successful but I hope it gets at least some points for attempting to be a discursive / critical / feminist mash-up…

    Anyway, best of luck with the more substantive work of blog-mashing-up.

  2. Thanks JR–for reading my blog and posting your mash-up! I really like how you describe it as a discursive/critical/feminist mash-up. There is so much to say about Lady Gaga, feminism and queerness, especially in relation to Telephone. We talked about her a lot in both of the classes I taught this past spring. I would love to see/read about/listen to any future mash-ups you might produce.

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