oh bother, part 1

I am starting a new category this morning called “oh bother.” This category will include anything that I find particularly reprehensible, repulsive, or just plain annoying. The term, bother, has been one that I have adopted as of late in order to stop saying f**k (which is a favorite word of mine) in front of my highly impressionable kids (who are 3 and 6).

Have you seen the promo for More to Love? No? Well, here you go (and down below too!). Enjoy!

All I have to say is, “OH BOTHER!” There is much to say about why this show is a problem (and perhaps a little about why it might possibly have just a tiny bit of good deep within it), but I simply can’t be bothered to respond. It just bothers me too much. I would rather leave it to Kathleen LeBesco, Big Fat Blog, and you. Seriously, I would love to read your reactions to this promo. Go ahead, tell me why I should or shouldn’t bother.

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