Storify This!

While I was looking over one of my latest archives on storify, I noticed a new feature (well, I think it’s new; this is the first time I’ve noticed it…okay, I just checked and this bookmarklet came out last fall. Where have I been?): Storify this. Storify allows you to add a bookmarklet on your bookmark bar. When you find something on the web that you want to use in a storify story, just click on the bookmarklet to save it to storify. The next time you want to create a story, it will be waiting for you in your story pad. Nice. As this aside might demonstrate, I haven’t experimented that much with storify; I’ve almost exclusively used it for archiving my tweets. Lately I have been wondering if it might be a better way (than embedding tweets in a blog post) for further and deeper reflection on my live-tweets. I can imagine some cool assignments for students using storify…

Storify Fail

I was really excited to try out the new Storify app for the iPad that just came out today. While it was pretty slick when I was using it, I had a problem when I tried to publish it. Instead of showing my list of 20-30+ tweets, it only showed the first tweet over and over again. I wonder if this happened when I tried to edit the storify online? I also wonder if anyone else has had this problem?