Happy 3rd Anniversary to me!

On May 12, 2009, I posted my first entry in this blog. In honor of this occasion, I created a brief video introduction to the blog, including how I came to write in it and how I’ve been using it over the past three years. I was planning to post it tomorrow on my actual anniversary, but I just couldn’t wait:

2 thoughts on “Happy 3rd Anniversary to me!”

  1. Wow! I’ve just stumbled into your blog. Your video makes a very nice intro.

    I am an academic who is interested in many of the themes/theorists you write about on your blog, and who is trying to find pockets of resistance within the crushing machinery of academia. I’m also interested in the process of writing, and in improving my own difficult relationship with writing (which very likely have a gendered dimension to it). Anyway, your blog site is inspiring in all of these respects.


  2. Thanks for your comment and your feedback about my blog and my video introduction to it! I’m glad your trying to “find pockets of resistance within the crushing machinery of academia” (such a fitting way to describe it) and that you see my blog as one.

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